For centuries people have turned to natural remedies to treat a variety of ailments. Natural Remedies are products used to treat conditions, wherein the active ingredients are of natural origin. This includes minerals, herbs, animal parts, salts and bacterial cultures.

Below is a collection of natural remedies and their uses.

Note: We encourage personal research and a balanced view of health and nutrition topics. The links below provide a broad overview of various research findings and hypothesis on the role of nutrition in health. This information is not intended to promote any particular product. Unless noted, the articles below do not include any scientific references.


• Acemannan Imunnostimulant

• Alkaline Food Charts

• Aloe Vera

• Amylase



• Boron

• Bromelain

• Budwig Diet


• Calcium

• Cesium Chloride

• Cesium, Cancer and Cancer Diet Books

• Chlorophyll

• Chromium

• Coconut Oil

• Copper


• Diet and Nutrition



• Enzymes


• Flaxseeds


• Germanium

• Gold

• Green Tea


• Hemp Protein

• High pH Therapy

• Hydrazine Sulfate


• Indium

• Iodine

• Iron



• Lipase

• Lithium


• Magnesium

• Manganese

• Minerals

• Molybdenum





• pH and the Alkaline Diet

• Phosphorus

• Potassium

• Potassium Iodide


• Ribose

• Rife

• Rubidium


• Sanguinarine


• Silica

• Silver

• Sodium Bicarbonate

• Sodium

• Spirulina

• Stabilized Oxygen

• Strontium

• Sulfur

• Supplement Freedom


• Tocotrienols


• Ursolic Acid


• Vanadium

• Velvet Antler

• Vitamins



• X Protocol


• Zinc

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