Prostate Cancer Survivor — Nuna’s Dad’s Story

When Nuna’s dad was diagnosed with advance prostate cancer, he was only given two months to live. The family knew chemotherapy would be too much for him to handle, so instead they hoped to find the best way to ease his terrible pain and make his last few months as comfortable as possible. Research led Nuna to find a way to not only lessen her dad’s pain, but to also help him become a prostate cancer survivor.

Prostate Cancer Survivor—Nuna's Dad's Story
Prostate Cancer Survivor—Nuna’s Dad’s Story

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Prostate Cancer Survivor—Nuna’s Dad’s Story

Prostate Cancer Survivor

This is an interview with Nuna, who spoke in April of this year about her father’s success in overcoming prostate cancer. Upon initial diagnosis, his doctors only gave him two months to live. All his family wanted to do was to ease his suffering during his final days, but they got so much more. Her dad became a prostate cancer survivor. Listen to Nuna’s story here.

Advanced Cancer Diagnosis

That was for my dad who was 74 years old by that time. 

LARRY: And what kind of cancer was he fighting?

It was prostate cancer, stage 4

Larry: So had it metastasized?

Well basically everywhere in his body including bones. Kidney, bones, lot of soft tissue around the kidneys. After he started the product – well he was in a terrible pain. When he was diagnosed he was given only like just a couple months to stay alive. There was no hope that he would would survive.

Looking to Ease His Pain

So I ordered your protocol after searching on internet all sorts of treatments that would kill the pain in a natural way because we didn’t want to get him started on chemotherapy. Anyway it wouldn’t make any sense. So this came up as the best treatment for a…as a painkiller treatment. Including that was my goal to let him…at least if he had to live just a few months to live without pain. 

3 Year Survivor

So I ordered your protocol and after he started to take it, just basically within one day the pain disappeared in the bones. And we continued with that close to three years, not complete 3 years, but almost 3 years. And he was doing fine with short intervals because sometimes his potassium was dropping, or going high I don’t remember which one, and we had to pause so it could normalize. 

Other than that he was doing perfectly fine. But then my mom passed away and he completely lost the interest to live and he stopped taking the a…he stopped with the protocol. And within basically four months after that he passed away.

Larry: Well I’m sorry to hear that, but you know  I can understand that too. If I ever lost my wife I’d be in the same boat. 

Yeah, Yeah

Larry: It’s hard to live without a loved one you’ve been with your whole life. So, anyhow yeah that’s great. I really appreciate that information and I will pass it on. Do you have anything else you want to say?

Positive Feedback

What I want to say that after the protocol worked so well on my dad, I started to recommend to everyone around me who I hear that had some sort of any type of cancer. People were calling you and purchasing the protocol and I hear also positive feedback from those people. They’re my friend or friends of my friends and they’re all happy with that.

I cannot confirm any case that someone was cured completely but it definitely prolongs people’s life for many, many…not many  but at least 2-3-4 years. I don’t know further than that because I basically don’t know you more than 4 1/2 years myself! Probably even longer.

Larry: Right, yeah. I understand. Well I really do thank you for your testimony and everything, and if you ever need help with anything in the future  you be sure to give me a call.

Absolutely I will definitely. Hopefully you know we’re all healthy. But you know organizations like you do need to stay alive and exist because you help a lot of people and if I hear who someone needs any sort of protocol like that I will definitely continue recommending you because my family was really, really happy with you know what we did and with what type of products you were sending to us. 

Larry: That’s great. Alright hey I appreciate it very much.

Yeah well thank you very much. Any time you need any feedback feel free.

Larry: Alright you have a great day.

You too. Thank-you. Bye bye.

Listen Here: Prostate Cancer Survivor—Nuna’s Dad’s Story

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