Stage 3 Colorectal Cancer Survivor — Mike’s Story

Mike is a colorectal cancer survivor. Back in 2002, he was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer. He turned to his years of research into alternative cancer therapies and chose to follow the Gerson Protocol of juicing and fasting. Four months later, just before he was scheduled for major surgery, he got the news that he was cancer free!

But just a few months after that, he had a feeling that the cancer was returning. Turning again to his alternative cancer research, he chose to add cesium chloride to his protocol. Seventeen years later, he has maintained his cancer-free status, to the continued amazement of his doctors. Read Mike’s incredible story!

Stage 3 Colorectal Cancer Survivor — Mike's Story
Cancer Survivor Stories — Alternative Cancer Treatments and Therapies

Cancer Survivor Stories: Alternative Cancer Treatments & Therapies
This is a series of interviews with real cancer survivors who have used a variety of alternative cancer treatments and therapies to overcome their cancer diagnosis. The transcripts of these cancer survivor interviews are provided in their own words, and represent their individual experiences, opinions, and personal views. These results may not be typical and may not reflect the average experience.
The statements and testimonies in these interviews are strictly personal. Essense of Life does not necessarily share the same opinions or views as our customers. These testimonies are not to be construed in any way to claim that dietary supplements are intended as a treatment or cure for any disease. Essense of Life does not condone the use of our products beyond the labeled indications. Always consult your doctor before starting any dietary supplement protocol.
The purpose of this series is to provide an outlet for people to share their stories with others, and is strictly for educational purposes only. These interviews are not an endorsement for any particular product or protocol – most people use a combination of approaches to find what works best for them.
This is a personal account of one individual’s experiences with alternative cancer therapies. Results are not typical, nor guaranteed.

Stage 3 Colorectal Cancer Survivor – Mike’s Story

Colorectal Cancer Survivor

So back in 2002, I think it was… Yeah it was 2002, I was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer. It’s kind of funny you know my whole…probably 5 years before I found that out, I was really focused on just cancer therapy, and knew some people who had cancer, and kinda had a worry myself about it.

I was overweight and you know I found out that I had stage 3 rectal cancer. So all the things that I had been thinking about for awhile were kind of in the back of my mind.

I had done some research and heard about Dr. Otto Warburg. I’d also heard a lot about and read a lot about Gerson and his therapy over in Germany. And there was a couple of local people here in Colorado Springs that they were using Gerson’s therapy here as a kind of an outreach, you know kind of a clinic. It was a spiritually-based, a Christian-based outfit.

Choosing Gerson Therapy

So I decided to focus on the juice fasting and the Gerson stuff and really didn’t know a whole lot more about Warburg’s therapy and research with cesium chloride and pH balancing.**

**A Note About Dr. Otto Warburg
Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 1931 for his investigation of the metabolism of tumors and the respiration of cells, particularly cancer cells. He wrote The Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer based on his years of research and was nominated for the Nobel Prize award 47 times over the course of his career. Dr. Warburg did not research cesium chloride.

So I did the whole Gerson thing. I went from 240 pounds to probably 170. I did one round of radiation and chemotherapy, which I wish I had never done.

Preparing for Surgery

But anyway, I did all that. I was diagnosed in October. And then in February I had convinced my insurance company to let me do kind of a final you know endoscopic ultrasound and imaging protocol before I was going to have the surgery.

So I scheduled the surgery. I was scared to death. Super frightened. But I had a bunch of really amazing things happen that probably aren’t part of this call because it’s a long story. But I had this really weird experience where I came to understand that my cancer had disappeared.

So anyways I had this ultrasound, and my doctor was mad at me because I’d actually put my surgery off about two or three weeks later than I should have, based on their timing.

A Miracle

And the cancer was gone! So it was like really great!

I had gotten my doctors upset. My wife was upset. My brother who is a doctor was upset, because I’d been doing all these crazy juice cleanses and getting my body super alkaline. And you know just changing my diet. I lost a lot of weight really. Everybody was kind of freaked out what I did. But anyways, I had good results!

Back to the Drawing Board

So about 4 months later, I had, you know I’ve got 4 kids and I was at an indoor soccer game and I was sitting on the bleachers. And when I had the cancer and I didn’t know it yet, I started to have this kind of a gnawing pain, back in October of 2002, that was kind of like this prelude to the pain that I probably would have had increase quite a bit if the cancer had progressed where it was.

I’m sitting there on the bleachers watching this…soccer game, and I feel like you know I beat cancer and everything’s great. I probably about 175 pounds. A whole bunch of things in my life had changed and I’m really thankful. And I started to feel that gnawing pain again. That kind of thing down there. Because the tumor was right behind my prostate, in my rectum.

So I got pretty scared about that. That got my attention. So I had created a big file of all of the things I did. And I’ve kind of recorded that. Written that down. The yoga exercises. The Chinese medicine. The dietary protocol.

I had also copied a couple things from Dr. Otto Warburg. And some of the stuff that I had researched. And I said, you know I should take a look at that.

Turning to Cesium Chloride

So I was kinda worried that the cancer was coming back. It was only you know 4 months after diagnosis. And then it kind of disappeared.

So I actually went on to the Essense of Life website after I started doing some research and I ordered some of the cesium and the potassium. And I remember after I ordered it, you actually called me up and you asked me what was going on. And I think I told you briefly. I thought that was pretty unusual, that somebody would call me up from a company on the internet.

So anyways the cesium chloride came and I started taking that. And I would say within 2 or 3 days that gnawing pain just like stopped. I never went and had another scan. I was really leery of doctors and that whole kind of thing there.

So I think I stayed on cesium chloride for about 8 months. You know heavy, you know full dosing. Then then I cut back to kind of a maintenance dose.

Doctors in Disbelief

I felt great, I mean, I just had no symptoms. And I was, you know kind of over that period of time I had a couple more CT scans. When I had my cancer go away and I declined to have the surgery, my oncologist and my surgeon asked me what they thought that they should do with me. That I wasn’t following their protocol. They were being kind of being facetious, but they were also trying to cover themselves.

They had me sign this form that would say that I would not go after them and that I would help work out some kind of 3-5 year monitoring protocol that had no precedent in medical practice, but you know they wanted to know what I thought.

We were doing I think two CT scans a year for the first two years. Then I think 1 or 2 colonoscopies a year. Then it kind of got gradually got less and less over a 4 or 5 year period.

Maintaining the Program

So anyways I think after that kind of cesium chloride year and now I’m going on my second year of being cancer free, I think I was doing the cesium chloride you know like two months a year for the new 4-5 years. Still eating really good food. I changed my diet. I was really trying to be more alkaline than not.

I’d gone through a whole bunch of different diets, you know. Totally raw. All vegetarian. Paleo diet. All these different diets I tried. You know, I finally settled on something that I think is pretty good.

Sixteen Years Later

But anyway, so fast forward sixteen years later, I had that feeling again, sorta really subtle. I started on the cesium chloride again. I feel great. I’m doing kind of a modified thing right now where I will probably will do a low dose of cesium for a month or two then I’ll take a break. But again I’m feeling great.

I hadn’t had a scan in probably 8 years. I had a colonoscopy last year and everything looked super clean, super good. No polyps.

The Guy That Beat Stage 3 Colorectal Cancer

My GI doctor was the doctor that was with me back you know 17 years ago. He’s gotten older. I’ve gotten older. When I came in for my colonoscopy, he had all of his staff come by and talk with me because I was the guy that beat stage 3 rectal cancer. He did a colonoscopy. I’d been coming back once a year for a long time. But I was so clean and so free of polyps, he said I’m going to put you on 5 years for your next colonoscopy.

So that’s kind of where I’m at right now. I think the cesium chloride is incredibly powerful. You also turned me on to the colostrum, Larry. That just has all kinds of amazing benefits for my GI tract and for my skin and it just makes me feel great. I gave that to my son who’s in China right now. He’s a musician. A drummer. He loves that. He was home here visiting over the summer and I gave him one of the bags and takes that. He’s going to be ordering his own now. He’s introduced that into his protocol.

Sharing the Research

Yeah, so you know everything is really great. It just amazes me that the cesium chloride and that protocol really has its basis back in Dr. Otto Warburg’s research. I just can’t believe that more people don’t understand that, use that. It’s not a thing that people incorporate into their lives and their protocol. Whether they want to do the Western medicine combined with that or whether they want to do anything you with it more standard wise, it just amazes me that more people don’t do that.

I have a writeup that I included that talks about your website, about the links, and about when I started to use cesium chloride and how I’ve used it over the years. I’ve given that to probably dozens people. I’m sure probably some have used that. I know of two that have. And know of a lot that haven’t. And a lot of them have passed away.

So anyways I’m really thankful for Dr Otto Warburg and Essense of Life. I think it’s amazing. And I’m very thankful.

The Importance of Cesium Chloride

Larry: How important to you think cesium chloride was in what you did?

I think it’s the reason I’m here. I think that I did a really great thing for my body using the Gerson protocol and the alkalization that happened in my body with the raw juice fasting and the coffee enemas and that whole protocol. But I think that the cancer was going to come back on me. I think it was coming back on me. And I don’t think that I could have stayed on that protocol for that long. And it helped – it really reduced the cancer.

Creating an Environment Cancer Can’t Live In

But I think that the cesium chloride is what actually changed the environment and totally eradicated…well I think I’m thinking that the cesium chloride… My understanding right now Larry, maybe you disagree maybe you wouldn’t, but my understanding now, it’s probably a mistake to say that cesium chloride cures cancer. Cesium chloride creates an environment that cancer can’t live in.

And that’s what I think is a better way to look at it. But, I’m not a scientist. I’m not a doctor. But, you know, but when you tell somebody that cesium chloride cured me, I think that it comes across like it’s a medicine, like its some sort of medical treatment. And I really think its an environmental internal environment that cancer can’t live in and that’s kind of how I’ve come to think about how cesium chloride works. And I think that I’d probably would be dead by now if I had not used that.

Larry: I think you absolutely 100% on. It does create an environment cancer can’t live in. That’s my take on it.

“Seventeen Years is Pretty Amazing”

Larry: So, how many years have you been cancer-free?

Mike: Seventeen

Larry: Wow. You know they stop keeping records after you’ve become cancer-free from the medical profession for only 5 years.

Yup, yup, yup. And 5 years is good. Don’t get me wrong! I mean, anybody would think 5 extra years after having cancer would make anybody happy once they’ve been told they do have cancer. But 17 years is pretty amazing! That’s a good thing.

Larry: Well if you gotta go, I hope you go and it’s not from cancer (laughs).

Me too. Me too. (laughs) I just love this extra time that I’ve had, Larry and you know I really I do appreciate you and you company. You know I’d love to at another time talk to you about how you started Essense of Life and why you started it and why you do what you do. I would love to learn about that. From time to time I think of calling you up and asking you questions. But we’ll save that for another time.

“Everything I’ve Told You is Heartfelt”

But I do appreciate you and I hope that this conversation will be helpful for you in some way. And it’s my pleasure to take the time to talk to you about that. Everything I’ve told you is heartfelt, it’s my perception. And again i’m not a doctor, I’m an architect. I work on a lot of hospital buildings actually. You know I’ve been trying to stay healthy and kind of find a way to dance through life and keep things in balance. I really do believe that I’d be dead if I didn’t have the cesium chloride.

And I had a friend who had melanoma. and he did the cesium chloride. He also used another product that was kind of a herbal ointment called PDQ. But when he found out he had a melanoma that had a root about and inch and half long going down into his leg, he got the PDQ and got the cesium chloride and the potassium and that thing just kind of bubbled up and fell out of his leg. That was a really radical event that happened too.

Cesium Chloride Is a Game Changer

And he would tell you the same thing that the cesium chloride was instrumental. I think he’s done a couple of protocols over the years- he’s not as diligent as I am. But he’d tell you the same thing, that cesium chloride was the game changer.

Larry: Well that’s good. Listen I appreciate your time and effort and what you do I want to thank you

You’re welcome Larry.

Larry: …for getting well! (laughs)

Yup! Alright well I’ve got to check out and get back to my work day, but I hope this is a good call and that I can become you I hope someone in the future might hear this and it might motivate them to do something, you know, to do a couple of good moves that can extend their life and their walk on the planet while they’re here.

Larry: I hope so too guy Anyhow, you have a great day and thanks a lot for you help

Thanks Larry, take care.

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