Metastatic Prostate Cancer Survivor—James’ Story

James is a metastatic prostate cancer survivor. Two years after having a prostatectomy, the cancer returned and had spread into his bones. James turned to cesium chloride this time, and 90 days later, to his doctor’s disbelief, his cancer scan returned negative with no signs of cancer! Read James’ account of surviving metastatic prostate cancer.

Metastatic Prostate Cancer Survivor—James' Story 1
Cancer Survivor Stories — Alternative Cancer Treatments and Therapies

Cancer Survivor Stories: Alternative Cancer Treatments & Therapies

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Metastatic Prostate Cancer Survivor—James’ Story

Metastatic Prostate Cancer Survivor

James’ Story

Larry: Alright James, this is Larry and I want to hear your story with your cancer.

Okay I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and they did a prostatectomy  – a removal. Then about two years later, I was diagnosed with bone cancer where the prostate cancer had spread. At that point in time, I ordered the cesium chloride and took two Tablespoons a day for about 90 days I guess it was. I ordered two 32 ounce bottles. And I took the potassium at night. And at the end of that time, I was checked again, and they saw no evidence of the cancer remaining. 

Larry: Where was you cancer located at?

Lower back and hip. Several lymph nodes also.


Alternative and Traditional Therapies Tried

Larry: And the pH Therapy is the only thing you did when you found that out?

No, they also did some Fermagon, 3 shots.

Larry: For your prostate?

No, for the bone cancer.

Larry: For the bone cancer.

Three shots, a month apart.

Larry: Yeah and there were no conflicts or anything with what you were doing?


Doctors Admit That it Worked

No, Well they of course they did not approve of the cesium, but they admit that it looks like it worked.

Larry: Okay so the doctors knew what you were doing, and had to admit that it worked?


Larry: Wow, that’s pretty amazing

You know…the Firmagon it lowers the testosterone real low. Which, of course that feeds the cancer. 

Larry: Right


Continuing the Therapy

Anyways it appears to have worked. And what i’ve done since then, is I’ve dropped back to 1 Tablespoon a day, It’s kind of a maintenance dose.

Larry: That’s a good idea.

And I’m going to continue that indefinitely.

Larry: That’s a good idea.

I’ve also recommended cesium chloride and your company to at least half a dozen other cancer victims.

Larry: Well we really appreciate that and I’m glad it worked for you and I hope that it keeps working for you.

Well me too. Of course time will tell.


Oxygen and Cancer

Larry: Yeah you were in pretty bad shape when you started though weren’t you?

I was having some pain

Larry: You were 75 years old?

Yes. Next birthday is 76.

Larry: Wow. What stage did they say you were in?


Larry: Stage four?

No sorry, that’s my lungs. They did not say.

Larry: Okay, What’s going on with your lungs?

I’ve got COPD

Larry: Oh Okay.  Well I got a little of that myself so I understand.

Yeah it’s a real battle.

Larry: Yeah it is. Your tendency to not be able to breathe is tough to deal with.

Well of course that affects the cancer too.

Larry: Yeah it does. because of oxygen. Oxygen.



Stem Cell Therapy Option

Larry: Well listen I really appreciate you talking with me and giving me your experience. And you hang in there and stay well.

Well I tell you what I feel good except for the lack of oxygen.

You know. That’s the only thing that bothering me. And I’m going to try some stem cell therapy on that.

Larry: Well that… it might work.

Well it can’t hurt

Larry: It can’t hurt. No, that’s not going to hurt you.

Larry: Well you have a great day and I really appreciate you sharing your experience with me.

Yeah. You Keep up the good work

Larry: Okay. Alright you have a great day.


Larry: Thank-you. Bye now.


Metastatic Prostate Cancer and Cesium Chloride

James’ found success for his metastatic prostate cancer by combining traditional Firmagon treatments with the alternative cancer therapy cesium chloride. Even his doctors were surprised by the outcome. James is a metastatic prostate cancer survivor, and is proof that combining traditional treatments with alternative therapies can lead to beneficial results.


Listen Here: Metastatic Prostate Cancer Survivor—James’ Story

Cancer Survivor Stories

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