Multiple Myeloma Cancer Survivor—Jack’s Story

Jack was first diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma over a decade ago. His doctor, a prestigious specialist at Massachusetts General Hospital at Harvard University in Boston, recommended that he meet a fellow multiple myeloma sufferer who had dramatic results trying something new.

Multiple Myeloma Cancer Survivor—Jack's Story 1

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Multiple Myeloma Cancer Survivor—Jack’s Story

Multiple Myeloma Cancer Survivor

This is an interview with John “Jack” from Massachusetts back in April of this year. With the approval of his open-minded oncologist, he tried an alternative approach which he used in conjunction with his standard treatment. He has been symptom-free now for almost ten years! Even his doctor, an expert in the field, is impressed with his amazing outcome. He shares his story with us.

Initial Diagnosis and Treatment

I’m Jack from Massachusetts. I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma way back about 2006, 2007, somewhere around there. I was in tough shape. I ended up going into the hospital because I was feeling terrible and I ended up getting pneumonia. I beat that after a week and came out. She put me on a drug – the oncologist put me on a drug – what was it? It was thalidomide. It was one of the first drugs she put me on. She put me on thalidomide. So I was on that for about six months.

A Fateful Meeting

I got better and in the process I met Nancy, whose husband had what I had. As a matter of fact, the reason I met Nancy was because my oncologist put me on to her. So my oncologist who’s very open-minded and is one of the best in the world when it comes to this disease put me on to her. 

I called Nancy. I met her. She came over. I met her husband who was, you  know…I understand that he was almost left for dead, Nancy’s husband. And then he went on this protocol and she told me about Larry, Essense of Life. And he had this protocol using a bunch of minerals and a diet and so I immediately went on that.

His Doctor Was Stunned

I did quite well. I stayed in remission. I went on that and I stayed on that for almost two years. And after the two years my numbers were so good that I just stopped, and I’ve been in remission ever since.

Larry: What did you doctor think of that?

My doctor was .. first of all she was stunned by Nancy’s husband who was in a lot worse shape than me when he had his disease. He had all kinds of  problems. This protocol from Essense of Life and Nancy Shaw kept him going – I mean it saved his life, you know. So my oncologist was quite taken back with that. So when I saw that I went on it. And I’ve been in remission all this time.

Ten Years Symptom-Free

Here we are in 2020 and my numbers are still good and my oncologist is pleased that everything is you know going well. And you know I haven’t been on any medicine since that beginning part of it. She hasn’t given me any medicine. So you know, I haven’t been on anything really for the last you know ten years.

Larry: Yeah you started a long time ago, a long time ago.

Right, right I started a long time ago you know like I said I did.  and I was on it a couple years. It’s worked great for me. I mean I know everybody’s different but it worked great for me and you know I’m just pleased that I’m still here, to tell you the truth.

Larry: I’m glad you’re here too John. I really appreciate you telling me all this and letting me share it with others, so I really appreciate it.

Expert Oncologist is Pleased

And Larry let me just interject this last part. My doctor who is an expert in multiple myeloma is probably top in her field. She travels all over the world for this, okay. She travels all over the world. And she’s a director at probably the most prestigious hospital in the world which is Mass General, so and if she’s pleased, she’s pleased.

Larry: I’d appreciate – I would  like to talk to her sometime. You think that’s possible?

Larry, I don’t know…when I tell you she’s in all these different countries…you know I’m very lucky to have her. Being from Mass General and being a leader in the field I mean she’s everywhere. I mean I’ll ask her. Let me put it this way, she even was consulted for Tom Brokaw when he got the disease. Yeah so she was even consulted for that. So I mean she’s top in the field and you know its very difficult to get ahold of her because even though she is at Mass General she does travel the world for this. 

Larry: Well I’d like the chance to talk to her anyhow but you know if you could give it a try I’d really appreciate it.

I will I’ll give it a try. I’ll see, you know, what’s going on. I was scheduled to see her – I see her every 3 months – and I was scheduled to see her as a matter of fact next week

Larry: Okay

…and they cancelled because of the coronavirus. So now I’m not scheduled to see her until July.

Larry: Okay

so you know we’ll have to wait until then.

Larry: That’s okay, we’ve got to get through this problem we’re dealing with now

Yeah yeah but like you said you know the more oxygen in the body the better it is.

Larry: Yeah, yeah it can definitely protect you from a lot of different things.

Yeah okay. Alright Larry I’ll be in touch when i need some stuff

Larry: Okay alright you take care and have a wonderful day.

You too take care bye.

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