Lymphoma Survivor – Don’s Story

“I was diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2000. It’s now the end of 2018 and I am symptom-free.” Don is a lymphoma survivor. Read his cancer survivor story.

Cancer Survivor Stories: Lymphoma Survivor – Don's Story
Cancer Survivor Stories: Lymphoma Survivor – Don’s Story

Cancer Survivor Stories: Alternative Cancer Treatments & Therapies
This is a series of interviews with real cancer survivors who have used a variety of alternative cancer treatments and therapies to overcome their cancer diagnosis. The transcripts of these cancer survivor interviews are provided in their own words, and represent their individual experiences, opinions, and personal views. These results may not be typical and may not reflect the average experience.
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This is a personal account of one individual’s experiences with alternative cancer therapies. Results are not typical, nor guaranteed.


Lymphoma Survivor

Don used a combination of significant diet change, a mineral supplement protocol, and herbal treatments to turn his life around. Positive outcomes are possible and Don is living proof. Enjoy this story of success and good health.

Don’s Interview

This is Larry with Essense of Life and I have Don on the phone with me right now and he’s going to tell his story. So go ahead Don.

“Thank-you Larry. My name is Don Engle. I was diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2000. It’s now the end of 2018 and I am symptom-free and have been for the last 6 or 7 years. Let me tell you how I got that way.”

How He Started

“My oncologist at Loyola University Hospital after I was diagnosed recommend that I start on a chemo protocol. After sitting in the waiting room a number of times and seeing the way people looked after they were on chemo and radiation, I decided to not engage in that method of treatment. I decided instead to do some research on my own, and in doing that I came across a number of articles that talked about the use of cesium chloride in conjunction with a high pH therapy protocol. I found my way to Larry’s website Essense of Life and I bought cesium and a number of other pH-related products.”

Diet Changes and Herbal Healing

“I also came across a book called the Encyclopedia of Herbal Healing, author Phillis Balch, and I read a number of things in that encyclopedia as well about different herbal treatments and I started taking those. From a dietary perspective what I did was I cut out as much sugar as I could. I cut out all sodas. I cut out ice cream and candy bars as much as I could. I reduced significantly the amount of red meat that I ate. I stopped drinking coffee and starting drinking green tea instead. I started eating things like a lot of blueberries and broccoli and of course taking these products that I get from Essense of Life. Primary one is cesium.”

What He Did Next

“When I first started with this in 2000, there wasn’t a lot of information available about how often to take it, how much to take and so forth. So I just started experimenting with it. Cesium comes in a big bottle and the potassium that you have to take when you take cesium comes in a small bottle, so I took it in the same proportion. I started off with a Tablespoon of cesium and an hour or so later I’d take a teaspoon of potassium. After a few weeks of doing that, I increased my intake from one Tablespoon to two Tablespoons once a day and eventually I was taking about three Tablespoons of cesium in morning, three teaspoons of potassium a little while later. Then I would take the same thing again in the evening.”
** Please note that these are not the recommended serving sizes for these products.

Scan Results

“Within about six or seven months after I started on this dietary protocol, I had another CAT scan that my oncologist had ordered and he was quite surprised with the results because, according to him there must have been some mistake with the scan because all the lymph nodes in my body were half the size they were six or seven months prior to that. I’ll also add that when I was diagnosed my oncologist said that taking out a lymph node here or there was not an option because by the time it had been discovered it was pretty much spread throughout my whole body. That CAT scan that I mentioned taken six or seven months after I started on this protocol showed a decrease in lymph node size by about fifty percent and that was also around my whole body.”

Lymphoma Survivor

“So I continued with this protocol religiously for the first two or three years that I was on it. Then I became a bit of a backslider. I would eat some ice cream occasionally and I started drinking coffee again. You know a few things like that. But I stuck with the other pH regimen as well as all the herbal products that I was taking. They’re easy enough to find if you look in this Encyclopedia of Herbal Healing and on Larry’s website. He’s got a number of products there as well.”

“So as is stands today, now almost 19 years after I was originally diagnosed, I am completely symptom free of lymphoma and I have been for at least seven or eight years. No ill affects from any of the products that I took. I still continue to take cesium although I don’t take it as regularly as I did, I still take it often but irregularly. And I stay up with some of the other dietary things, although as I mentioned I’ve become more of a backslider I eat a Snickers now more often that I used to.”

Sharing His Cancer Survivor Story

“So that’s my story. I’m happy to talk with anyone who’s interested in speaking with me. If you get in touch with Larry he can give you my email address. Then if you email me your contact information I will either email you or call you if you like. So please feel free to do so. That’s my story Larry.”

Well I really appreciate it and I’m glad you are cancer-free and I hope you stay that way the rest of your life. Thank-you for telling us your story and I appreciate it very much. You take care.

Listen here: Lymphoma Survivor – Don’s Story

Cancer Survivor Stories

Are you a cancer survivor? Do you have a story you want to share? We’d love to hear from you about your experiences with alternative cancer treatments and therapies.

If you would like to get in touch with Don and speak with him about his experiences, please contact us here.


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