Nasal Cancer Survivor – Kay’s Dog’s Story

Dog nasal cancer is usually a deadly diagnosis, but Kay’s dog is a nasal cancer survivor! Positive outcomes are possible and Kay’s dog is living proof.

Pet Cancer Survivor Stories at
Pet Cancer Survivor Stories at

Cancer Survivor Stories: Alternative Cancer Treatments & Therapies

This is a series of interviews with real cancer survivors who have used a variety of alternative cancer treatments and therapies to overcome their cancer diagnosis. The transcripts of these cancer survivor interviews are provided in their own words, and represent their individual experiences, opinions, and personal views. These results may not be typical and may not reflect the average experience.

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Nasal Cancer Survivor

Kay used a combination of significant diet change for her dog, in addition to a mineral supplement protocol, and Rife therapy. She also chose to stop all vaccinations due to her dog’s age and the vet’s dire prognosis. As always with pets, quality of life is the number one consideration. Read about Kay’s dog wonderful results in her own words.

Kay’s Interview About Dog Nasal Cancer

Alright this is Larry. I have Kay on the phone from Virginia and she has a story to tell. Go ahead Kay.

“Yes, I had always worked towards a holistic effort with my family and used some alternative methods when either the medical community pretty much dropped the ball on whatever condition what was or on something that just made total sense to me.”

Symptoms and Diagnosis

“I did follow common protocol with my dog. Unfortunately he over time had developed nasal cancer. He had been shaking his head. He seemed a little lethargic. He was sneezing a lot and I thought he had allergies which he’s diagnosed spring and fall here with allergies, so the vet here kept telling me it was allergies. Ended up after some investigation, he had nose cancer and the vet pretty much said that if I didn’t want to do chemo and pursue it further with a specialty doctor in veterinary medicine that I would just need to bring him back when it was time to put him to sleep.”

Researching Dog Nasal Cancer

“So of course I went home and read anything I could and everything that I read about nasal cancer said “deadly” “deadly” “deadly”. I also read about chemotherapy and it just seemed like a horrendous thing. I mean people would put pictures of their dog on the internet you know, and how it was going down hill. And then they gave it chemotherapy and it was $5000 – it was horrible amounts of money. And then they’d say “Oh well Fluffy’s this” and “Fluffy seems to be better…but you know some hair loss” or whatever. And pretty soon Fluffy has lost all the hair around its eyes and then you’d see Fluffy die in the story. I mean I’ve never cried so much as I’ve cried reading the pet stories.”

Complete Diet Overhaul and Other Changes

“I did come upon, after a lot of investigation, come upon Larry at Essense of Life who I called and relished everything he said. And of course he, like Larry always says, if there is life, there’s always hope. So I of course put my dog on that program.”

“But I had also in the meantime changed all of his diet. He went off commercial food. I made him everything from scratch. I tried to do organic. I read exactly all the types of vegetables that you need to stay away from with dogs, but then I included everything else in his dinner. Mainly he had chicken or fish with quinoa and then vegetables like sweet potatoes and snow peas and carrots and a little seasoning, but no garlic or onions, broccoli things that dogs are not supposed to get. So diet was of course my number one change and I’d done this on my own before I met Larry.”

“I also took him off any vet medication he was on as far as his… oh gosh there’s so many vaccinations. If you drink out of streams in the area you have to have a inoculation for that. A vaccination for ticks, fleas, heart worm. He had a bordello vaccination. Everything I took him off. I ordered him an amber collar online, which is a less chemical method for fleas. And I just thought that, if he’s going to die he might as well not be on all this other medication which I consider questionable anyways.”

Care and Support

“He loved his new diet. I mean it was an awesome responsibility for me to pick out food and cook it for him everyday, but I did do that. As soon as I did talk to Larry, I additionally added the medication** from Essense of Life.”
**Note that Essense of Life only sells dietary supplements, not medications.

“I did in the course of treatment also see our vet on a regular basis to have things such as the electrolyte potassium levels checked to make sure that as a cancer patient he wasn’t backsliding and that I did not need to adjust those levels. I think the person that I [also] consulted with was the Syracuse Cancer Institute with dosages and such for my dog. Very helpful.”

“[Larry] emailed or texted me every single dosage and amount and the products always arrived on time. I was very satisfied with the help – Larry seemed to be very willing to help and vested in my animal’s care and I just thought I’d give it my all. He is a dog. He cannot speak. He does not know what to tell me. So I thought if he has something, I might as well throw down with the situation and maybe it would help a family member in the future.”

“I also have something called a Rife machine so [I] did use a Rife machine in the beginning of the treatment, which I later discontinued just because he did seem to show such improvement with the Essense of Life products.”

The Results

“He was on full treatment for several years. I’m now on a maintenance program with him and he seems to be so much better. I mean in the beginning he would just sneeze or shake his head and blood and clots and skin would just come out. I mean I thank God, and of course Larry, that I did get him started soon enough since I can’t emphasize enough that on the internet it said it was deadly. And apparently you do lose the contents of your nose and it spreads very fast.”

“But, with him he did go to the vet early for diagnosis so I am happy with that. He could just sit sometimes and the blood would run out of his nose. It was a pretty pathetic situation. But, at this time as we are speaking he is pretty much blood-free and has been blood free. That seemed to tighten up quite quickly.”

New Lease on Life

“Of course every time he shakes his head or sneezes I worry that he’s got something back, but I’m very hopeful that he at his age, which is 11 1/2 years old, seems to be very happy and healthy. He uses his nose as a working nose and he sniffs for voles when we are out walking and of course follows that with a quick dig and tries to unearth these so I know his nose is working. And I know the blood has ceased. And I know that he is so much better. And like I said I’m very grateful that the dog has turned around and that he is heading in a healthier direction.”

Vet Follow-up

“I do visit the vet still and of course when I go to the vet they’re like…well now that your dog seems better you need to put him back on his other medications. He needs to get back on rabies, he needs to get back on these other medications which I really would leave that up to anybody else to decide. But in my case, my dog is older and he does not frequent any boarding places, and he is not around any other dogs except when he does go to the vet, so I’m just going to say “no” to that. But like I said I’m not the person who should tell you if you should stay on other pet medications, but in our case our dog will not be going back on any of those things.”

Nagging Allergies

You were telling me something about his ears…

“Yeah his ears have always been a problem with allergies, which is why I kept thinking he had that condition when it ended up that it was nasal cancer. But he still pretty much persisted when we’d have pollen in the spring or leaves in the fall. But of course this year he got it again and I was always on a medication from the vet which were drops which I would rub on the inner flap of his ear and then put on the ear canal area then use a Q-tip and try to clean it out. And every time I’d go its the same thing. He’s been on them for years. So I can’t imagine that, number one they were still effective [and] number two I could see that he wasn’t ever rising above the condition.”

A New Allergy Solution

“So this time I brought him home with the drops because the only other alternative that they could give me is a stronger antibiotic type ointment and drops that would cause possible hearing loss. With all of his issues I couldn’t go down that road.
So when I got home I was like, to my husband, you know I’m going to go ahead and try to use the silver nitrate that I got from Essense of Life on his ears. So my husband and I worked as a team of course, although he dog is so used to having medication in his ear that he’s not extremely belligerent. But we rubbed the liquid silver nitrate on the flaps of his ears, and then I would put it on the Q-tips and I would swab the Q-tips down around in his ear canal.”

Overnight Allergy Relief

“And almost overnight—because we had done that early evening—almost overnight the next day, his earflaps had…its almost like a black rubbery substance which I guess is a symptom from his allergy situation. A little bit of a…it almost looked like dirt but it was kinda stuck on there and kind of rubbery…but it had cleared up so much. He still had quite a bit of residue, probably wherever I’d missed and maybe down in the cruxes—dogs have so many little folds in their ears. And of course I didn’t want to reach too far, being a little timid about that. The thing had really cleared up so much. So night after night we did the same thing and it’s the only thing, after all these years, that I’ve been able to say that has made a difference in his ear condition!”

“So once again, thanks to Larry and Essense of Life, I think that that silver nitrate which is an antibiotic is helping my dog and has been helping my dog and I expect the condition to hopefully clear up. At least I’ll know what to do when he gets it in the spring now.”

Nasal Cancer Survivor

“Like I said I’m very grateful for that help and that relief for my animal. But he does seem to be on the mend and my husband and I are quite surprised. And when I tell people I think they think that I’m a little bit crazy. And maybe that’s true but I can’t argue with results. I mean my dog went on a farewell tour to visit my daughter, who is his former owner, and other people whom he’d been acquainted with—dogs and people from other states—just because I was told for sure he was told for sure that he would die, so… He is now here. He did get a lot of cards and letters and I think a lot of people here are happy for him and I am of course am the happiest.”

Well that’s a great story and we really appreciate you and I want to get this on the internet so other people can maybe benefit from information you have given them and stuff. But I really do want to thank you for what you’ve done for your pet and for us so…well thank you.

“Well no problem Larry. I appreciate everything that you and your company have done for us. And of course if any of us need anything I am going to run it by you. Two doctors in the family and I’m going to be running it by you!”

That really says a lot and I really appreciate it.

“Yup no problem Larry take care.”

Alright you too and thank you very much.

Listen here: Nasal Cancer Survivor – Kay’s Dog’s Story

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