Alkaline Diet for Weight Loss: Hollywood Hype or Real Deal?

Alkaline Diet for Weight Loss: Hollywood Hype or Real Deal?

Alkaline Diet for Weight Loss at
Alkaline Diet for Weight Loss

Alkaline Diet for Weight Loss

It seems that the Alkaline Diet for weight loss is one of the latest diet crazes to come out of Hollywood. The Alkaline Diet has been touted by celebrities such as Tom Brady, Giselle Bundchen, David and Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Kelly Ripa, Kirsten Dunst, Jared Leto, and Elle Macpherson to name a few. But is it worth trying? Or just another short-lived fad?

What is the Alkaline Diet?

The Alkaline Diet—also known as the acid alkaline diet, acid-alkaline balance diet, alkaline ash diet, or the pH target diet—has been around for years. The knowledge that the foods we eat contribute acidity or alkalinity to the body has been backed up by decades of scientific research. In concept, the Alkaline Diet is simple. All you need to do is eat more alkaline-rich foods every day, eat fewer acid-forming foods, and avoid unhealthy processed foods containing sugars, artificial sweeteners, trans fats, additives and preservatives. Other foods to avoid include caffeine, alcohol, gluten-containing grains, and dairy products. An acid-forming food isn’t inherently unhealthy. There are many healthy foods on both the acid-forming side as well as the alkaline-forming side. Overall, an 80/20 approach seems to work the best – consuming 80% healthy alkaline foods such as vegetables and fruits and balancing that with 20% healthy acid-forming foods such as lean proteins, nuts, and whole grains.

Can You Really Lose Weight on an Alkaline Diet?

Yes all without counting calories or carbs! Alkaline foods make your body burn fat. In addition, by avoiding food categories typically high in sugar, fat, and calories, weight loss comes naturally. The greatly increased focus on healthy green foods such as kale, chard, spinach, collard greens, beet greens, parsley, broccoli, celery, parsley, and cucumbers not only provides nutrients that nourish a depleted body, but also provides an oxygen-rich energy boost. Couple the healthier food intake with regular exercise for the best overall benefits.

The Alkaline Diet is:
• Low in sugar
• Low in trans fats and other unhealthy fats
• Low in sodium
• No artificial ingredients or sweeteners
• High in fiber
• High in magnesium

But Weight Loss Isn’t the Only Benefit

Choosing vegetables and fruits over high calorie and high fat foods, breads and high carbohydrate foods, and excessive animal proteins (meat and dairy) is not only good for the waistline, but has many surprising health benefits as well. The Alkaline Diet is a sure path to a new you!

The Alkaline Diet has These Amazing Benefits:
• Lowers risk of hypertension
• Lowers risk of high cholesterol
• Lowers risk for stroke
• Lowers risk for heart disease
• Lowers risk for type 2 diabetes
• Lowers risk for certain cancers
• Helps prevent kidney stones
• Helps prevent bone loss
• Helps improve heart health
• Helps improve brain function
• Helps improve digestive health
• Helps control blood sugar
• Helps reduce pain
• Helps reduce inflammation
• Helps lower blood pressure
• Helps prevent diabetes
• Helps prevent osteoarthritis
• Helps treat diabetes
• Healthier for teeth

The Alkaline Diet Also Benefits Those With Cancer

Not only is the Alkaline Diet beneficial for cancer prevention, it also has major benefits for those suffering from cancer and its debilitating side effects as well. The Alkaline Diet has the power to radically improve overall health and quality and life. Some studies have also found that an alkaline body makes certain chemotherapy drugs more effective and less toxic!

Who Should Consider an Alkaline Diet?

If weight loss is your primary goal, then the Alkaline Diet is a great place to start. If you also suffer from inflammatory conditions, digestive issues, or a chronic disease such as cancer, diabetes, or heart disease, then you can also benefit from the Alkaline Diet. Even if you are a generally healthy individual but would like to improve gut function, lower the risk of heart-related issues, and reduce inflammation, then an Alkaline Diet is a great option for you as well!

How Do I Start an Alkaline Diet?

Ready to start an Alkaline Diet for weight loss? Ready to enjoy the many additional benefits of healthy eating and healthy living? Then check out our great Alkaline Diet Support package that gives you the resources you need to get started!

Alkaline Diet Support Basic Package

Alkaline Diet Support Package

Hollywood Hype or Real Deal?

Those Hollywood stars who promote the Alkaline Diet are really on to something. Not only is the Alkaline Diet for weight loss, it is also a proven healthy eating lifestyle which has benefits for everyone.

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