Amazon Removes Alternative Cancer Videos from Library

Amazon Removes Alternative Cancer Videos from Library
Amazon Removes Alternative Cancer Videos from Library

The video streaming service Amazon Prime has removed several alternative cancer treatment documentaries after a Wired magazine exposé accused the company of endorsing unproven “quack” medical cures.

These documentaries included Second Opinion, Cancer Can Be Killed, and Burzynski: Cancer Cure Cover Up.

The exposé found that the first search result returned for the term “cancer” was a video about a woman who went to a clinic in Germany to undergo an alternative therapy with laetrile, also known as amygdalin or B17.

According to the article, scientific research has found no evidence of the benefits of laetrile as an anti-cancer therapy. Laetrile turns into cyanide in the body and there is a risk of cyanide poisoning with use. Laetrile has been banned by both the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as well as the European Commission because the risks can outweigh the benefits.

According to experts interviewed in the article, unapproved (and therefore unproven) cancer treatments are dangerous to vulnerable cancer patients, interfering with any ongoing approved treatments, causing financial burdens, and instilling a false sense of hope.

‘As a general rule, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.’

Amazon’s own guidelines say Prime doesn’t allow anything that ‘promotes, endorses, or incites the viewer to engage in dangerous or harmful acts’. Amazon said it had removed all offending material named in the investigation.

What do you think? Should videos (or any other form of media) which propose alternative cancer treatments or therapies as a way to treat or cure cancer be restricted or outright banned?

Source: Amazon Showed Documentaries Promoting Dangerous Unrealistic Alternative Cancer Therapies


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