Stage 4 Cancer Survivor – Annie’s Story

Annie is a stage 4 cancer survivor. In 2010, she was only given 3 weeks to live. Her doctor told her that there was nothing that they could do for her. She decided to take matters into her own hands based on her research.

Cancer Survivor Stories: Stage 4 Cancer Survivor – Annie's Story
Cancer Survivor Stories: Stage 4 Cancer Survivor – Annie’s Story

Cancer Survivor Stories: Alternative Cancer Treatments & Therapies
This is a series of interviews with real cancer survivors who have used a variety of alternative cancer treatments and therapies to overcome their cancer diagnosis. The transcripts of these cancer survivor interviews are provided in their own words, and represent their individual experiences, opinions, and personal views. These results may not be typical and may not reflect the average experience.
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Stage 4 Cancer Survivor

Annie was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic cancer in the stomach, liver, lymph, adrenal, pancreatic cancer, lung, and brain and was sent home to die. Read her amazing story about how she became a cancer survivor.

Annie’s Interview About Stage 4 Cancer

Larry: Alright I have Annie. Annie, what part of the country are you from?

Annie: In Oregon.

Larry: And you have a story to tell.

“I do!”

Stage 4 Cancer Diagnosis

Larry: What story do you have to tell?

“July 3rd of 2010 I got a call from my oncologist. On the 28th of June I had had an endoscopy and some blood work and imaging done. And the 3rd of July 2010 I got the diagnosis. I had stomach, liver, lymph, adrenal, pancreatic cancer. And then about 5 months down the road they found that I had metates in my lung and my brain. My prognosis was there was nothing medically that they could do for me and that I had about 3 weeks to live. Basically if I was lucky.”

Larry: Not a very good outcome is it?

“Well it was not a nice prognosis no. And I’m a retired nurse and I’d had some experience with using natural means to fight cancer because I am now a six time cancer survivor.”

Larry: Wow.

Researching Stage 4 Cancer Alternatives

“So it wasn’t my first bout with cancer either. So, the medical establishment just had nothing at all to offer me. So, I went home and between my husband and I we got on the internet and were looking for alternatives.”

“Early on in my research I came across a report on a clinical trial done by Dr. Santori [sic] and Warburg, who actually won the Nobel peace prize in medicine for curing cancer with cesium.** And because I found that clinical trial pretty early on in my research, I decided that if it was good enough for a Nobel peace prize you know it was probably good enough for me.”

**A Note About Warburg and Sartori…
Neither Dr. Sartori nor Dr. Warburg earned Nobel prizes for curing cancer with cesium chloride. Otto Warburg did win the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 1931 for his investigation of the metabolism of tumors and the respiration of cells, particularly cancer cells. He wrote The Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer based on his years of research and was nominated for the Nobel Prize award 47 times over the course of his career. H.E. Sartori, M.D. researched the affects of diet and nutrition on cancer occurrence. He wrote Cesium Therapy in Cancer Patients in 1984 about a study he conducted using cesium chloride therapy on 50 patients with cancer.

“And of course the report on this clinical trial had a lot of holes in it. They didn’t run down the whole protocol that they used. They just gave bits and pieces of it because they don’t want really people to be trying this at home. So there was a lot of blanks that we had to fill in and we went about vary seriously studying to fill in these blanks. A lot of it was just trial and error.”

Larry: Right.

Choosing an Alternative Cancer Therapy

“So we ordered the cesium. Originally we were using also potassium from a health food source in our area. I didn’t order from the company, I just was buying it out of a health food store. But basically I would use a Tablespoon of cesium at night right in the middle of the meal. Then other minerals and things to kind of try to keep my alkaline…to balance it.”

“What I found was basically I would take a dose of cesium and my alkaline would go way up. And then after a few hours it would go way down. And it was kind of a roller coaster ride at first and it took me a good while to figure out why. But when you get high enough pH what happens is the cesium and potassium actually kill the cancer cells. They break and it flushes the acidic content of those cells into the bloodstream. And that’s why I was going up and down and up and down and up and down.”

Larry: Yeah. It’s a cycle.

“Yeah it’s a cycle. It absolutely is a cycle.”

Larry: I found out that…been led to believe it’s actually the immune system that kills the cancer cells. It’s the cesium that actually creates a problem in the cancer cell that causes the immune system to attack it. Don’t you agree?

“Now I don’t really understand that aspect of it. What I… Most of my research is based on what was available in 2010, 2011.”

Larry: Right.

“What I really know is it works!”

Larry: Yeah, that bottom line.


Supportive Alternative Cancer Therapies

Larry: Did you ever try any other therapies.

“Well I, along with the cesium, I used calcium, magnesium, potassium and I used at times quite a bit of oxygen. That was something that in our research we found that was helpful. For probably 3 or 4 months I also used some DMSO. We learned that pepper was very useful in helping to get rid of cancer cells, so we used that. I mean, we used a little bit of everything. Anything that we came across that said that it you know could kill cancer we probably did try it.”

No Quick Fix

Larry: So how long did you stay on the therapy?

“16 months.”

Larry: 16 months?

“Yes, 16 months.”

Larry: So it’s not a quick fix?

“No probably not. I can’t speak for other people. It depends on how much cesium you take. How high that you keep your pH. In reading the clinical trial, I found that half of the patients that they were allowed to test – to use this protocol on – half of them died. And even they thought that it might be because that they went at it a little hard, you know.”

Larry: Yeah I think that a lot of the information online about the amount that you should take is completely wrong. I believe you shouldn’t take more than 3 grams a day and then sometimes a lot let depending on your body weight.

“Yeah. It does make a big difference. Yeah. And over the course of treatment I lost probably 60 pounds.”

Larry: Wow.

“The other part of our treatment protocol basically was, because what we learned was that cesium mineral is …the molecule is like a whiffle ball. So it captures other minerals and chelates them from the body. So I was taking vitamins, other vitamins, to make up for that deficit. When the cesium would take minerals out I was putting hopefully more in than the cesium could take out. So there is that. You have to be careful and have enough vitamin resources so that when the cesium does its thing, you’re not…it’s not leaching all the minerals out of your body because that’s not a good place to be either.”

Complete Diet Change

Larry: Right. And you would say that a diet is a big portion of that right?

“Diet is huge. Yes, absolutely. When we started this we completely changed our diet. No sugar at all. No carbs. I mean as low a carb count as we could get. and 80% vegetables 20% meat protein.”

Larry: Yeah, you’ve got to have the protein.

“That’s the only way to keep your blood sugar stable.”

Larry: Exactly. But it can be plant-based or animal-based.

“Yes. Mmmhmm.”

Side Effects Experienced During Therapies

Larry: What kind of side effects did you experience while doing the therapy?

“I experienced some numbness around my mouth and in the outer edges of my thighs.”

Larry: Did they eventually go away?

“Oh yes. Uh huh.”

Larry: So how are you doing today…

“It was…”

Larry: Go ahead, I’m sorry.

“It was kind of recurrent. It wasn’t there all the time. When I would get my pH way high, I would get that effect. When I brought it back down to around 8 that would go away.”

Larry: That’s good to know.

Cancer Free Today

Larry: So, what condition are you in today? I mean, are you cancer free?

“So far as I know I am, yes!”

Larry: Do you continue taking the products to some extent?

“I do. I take cesium to some extent because of the structure of the whiffle ball, it chelates iron from the body. And because of that I still take it because I also have hemochromatosis, which is an iron overload disease, and probably the reason that I ended up with the stomach and liver cancer.”

Everyone Should Have the Choice

Larry: So how do you feel about other people trying this therapy?

“I think that anyone can learn to do this and I think if they do, they will benefit, absolutely. I didn’t really have any choice because there was no other help offered me. But I think this is something that everyone should have the choice to do this, to try it.”

Larry: Yeah I know President Trump made some sort of ruling where people in the last stages of cancer, when there was no hope given, they could try experimental things that weren’t proven by the FDA yet. I would hope that this could be one of them because you know it works, you know. It works.

“Yes. Yes it does, it works.”

Larry: So I’m hoping that they will rule that alternatives would be allowed to do them just as well as the experimental drugs that the FDA hasn’t approved yet.

“Right. Yeah I agree. I think this… and it’s natural.”

Larry: Yes it is.

“And the only side effect is improved health!”

What to Watch Out For

Larry: Yeah, but you do have to watch your potassium levels, right?

“Yes, you do have to watch potassium levels. And you have to know the symptoms if you are getting too much potassium. But I never found that problematic. But, being a retired nurse, I know certain drugs cause people to have too much potassium in the body, so especially if you are taking other medications it would be a good idea to also have blood work done to ensure that you’re not, like having too much potassium build up, or also probably nutritional work done so that you know you aren’t losing too much in the way of the vitamins or minerals and you know. Because one of the biggest cancer – related to cancer – killers is cachexia. Is basically starving to death.”

Larry: Right. You’re absolutely right there. And there’s a lot of these, I call them fad diets, that are promoted for people with cancer can actually put people into a cachexic state. Because they’re not paying attention to the reason that you do fall into that cachexic state. So it can be dangerous by following some of those diets that claim to be good for people that have cancer and actually aren’t.

“Yeah. No I agree. I’ve seen many ads for “If you just do apple cider vinegar for a week it will cure all your cancer”!

Larry: Yup.

“No, that’s not good. That’s not healthy.”

Larry: What do you think about the 24 hour cancer cure?

“I don’t believe that you can cure cancer in 24 hours. I would have to try it myself. In order to believe that. But it took 16 months for us and that was pretty much throwing everything at it that we could get ahold of… so yeah.”

“This is Hope”

Larry: So what would you say to the people that are listening to this as your last statement.

“I would say that this is hope. This is health. This will..if you can figure it out, if you can wrap your head around it, this will help.”

Stage 4 Cancer Survivor

Larry: Well hey I really appreciate you sharing your story and everything and I hope that you stay cancer free the rest of your life.

“Ah me too. And if it happens to come back I know how to deal with it!”

Larry: Okay dear. Well thank-you very much for your interview and thank-you for letting me share it with others. Okay?


Larry: Alright you take care and you have a great day.

“You too.”

Larry: Bye bye.


Listen here: Stage 4 Cancer Survivor – Annie’s Story

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