Liquid Hydrazine Sulfate Supplement

Liquid Hydrazine Sulfate at
Liquid Hydrazine Sulfate at

Hydrazine Sulfate

Hydrazine sulfate is a dietary supplement that affects an enzyme involved in the production of glucose from lactic acid. This is important for those dealing with cachexia and loss of appetite, because cancer cells produce lactic acid as a waste product of inefficient anaerobic metabolism.

Our liquid Hydrazine Sulfate dietary supplement is in a concentrated ionic form. Each Tablespoon contains 30 mg (2,000 ppm) of hydrazine sulfate. Hydrazine Sulfate is easy to use and readily absorbed. For those who have a low appetite, this liquid format is much easier to use than capsules or pills.

Benefits of Liquid Hydrazine Sulfate

• Liquid is easy to swallow
• No capsules or pills
• Mild taste
• Easy to use for those with nausea or low appetite
• Can be mixed into a juice
• For pets, use an eyedropper or syringe to squirt into mouth
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