Alkaline Food Chart

The Essense of Life Alkaline Food Chart is great reference for those starting an alkalizing diet to improve their health.

Alkaline Food Chart
Alkaline Food Chart

The Alkaline Food Chart is a full color laminated booklet which provides alkaline and acidic PRAL values for over 300 vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, animal proteins, and more. Are lemons alkaline or acidic? PRAL is a scientific way to measure the positive or negative acid load of a food on the body. The PRAL score for 100 grams (3.5 ounces) of fresh lemon juice is -2.44. According to the PRAL formula, negative numbers are good numbers and indicate the potential alkalinity a food is contributing to the system. The Alkaline Food Chart is great reference for those starting an alkalizing diet to improve their health.

All foods contain both acid-forming minerals and alkaline-forming minerals. What determines the alkaline or acidic affect of a food is how it breaks down during digestion into its component mineral nutrients. After the food has been metabolized, the acidity or alkalinity it contributes to the body will depend on which remaining minerals are most dominant. This is because the actual pH of a food itself, before digestion, has no bearing on the acid-forming or alkaline-forming properties of that same food after digestion.

The Alkaline Food Chart:
• Alkaline and Acidic PRAL Food Values
• Over 300 Foods in 5 Categories
• Full-Color Laminated 9-Page Chart

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What Our Customers Say About The Alkaline Food Chart

This information can be life changing and life saving. I am a gardener and know how important it is to balance the PH in your soil. Why not your body. I safe guard my chart. It is one of my best prizes.

– Trainman (Washington)


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