pH Paper Test Strips

pH Paper Test Strips
pH Paper Test Strips

pH Paper Test Strip 5.5-8.0

This dispenser contains two 15 foot rolls with a test range 5.5-8.0. Perfect for those testing pH when alkalizing for health. Just tear off a 1″ strip and moisten with saliva to test saliva pH before and after meals.

What is pH?

The acronym pH stands for Potential Hydrogen (H+). The more hydrogen ions, the more acidic a solution is. The pH scale is an exponential scale which ranges from 0 (very acidic) to 14 (very basic). The pH value of 7 represents neutral, values below 7 are increasingly acidic, while values above 7 are increasingly alkaline (basic).

What is pH Paper Used For?

pH Paper is used to measure the alkaline or acidic pH value of a liquid. Use pH Paper Test Strips 5.5-8 to test your saliva pH before and after meals. The foods we eat can have an alkalizing or acidifying effect on the body after digestion. When nutritionists talk about acid- or alkaline-forming foods, they are referring to the condition of the food after ingestion, and not to the pH level of the food itself. Testing your saliva pH is a great way to monitor progress when on an alkaline diet or when following the High pH Therapy protocol.

Why Alkaline?

The standard American diet based around meat, dairy, and grains is full of acid-forming foods. Eating alkaline-forming foods can balance out the intake of excess acids and help flush them from the body. Any excess of acids in the body create unnecessary work your body’s buffering systems and the overload can affect your health. Eating an alkaline diet is especially important for those dealing with cancer.

How Do I Use pH Paper?

Use pH Paper Test Strips 5.5-8 to test your saliva’s pH value at least one hour before you eat and no later than 10 minutes after you eat. You will be comparing these two values. A pH value of 7 is neutral. The lower the number, the more acidic. The higher the number, the more alkaline. The exact number isn’t important – you are looking for values to trend upward after eating.

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