Anal Cancer Survivor – Patti’s Story

When Patti was diagnosed with anal cancer for the second time, she refused to let fear stand in her way. With the help of her faith and friends, she has been blessed with the gift of health and healing. Hear Patti’s inspiring anal cancer survivor story.

Cancer Survivor Stories

Cancer Survivor Stories: Alternative Cancer Treatments & Therapies
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Anal Cancer Survivor

The first time Patti was diagnosed with anal cancer, she followed her doctors’ recommendations and underwent the full surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation route. But, unfortunately in the process she was over-radiated during treatment. Eight years later the cancer returned, brought on by the radiation treatment damage. This time her doctors’ scheduled a devastating and debilitating surgery that would forever alter her future quality of life. Through spirituality and research she found another way.

Patti’s Interview

Larry: Alright this is Larry again with the Cancer Chronicles and I have Patti on the line and she is going to tell us her cancer story.

Larry: Alright let’s hear your story.

Anal Cancer Diagnosis

Well I was diagnosed with anal cancer—squamous cell—the same cancer that Farah Fawcett had. That makes it sound prettier.

And they told me that they were going to remove the tumor that it was very, very small, and it would all be okay. When I woke up from the surgery they said it had wrapped around the anus, and so therefore I had to take the chemo and radiation and all that. This was the first cancer I had. Well I was over-radiated the first time.

Secondary Anal Cancer from Radiation Therapy

So 8 years later I got the cancer from the radiation which was a carcinoma. And when I got that they told me right away that I was going to have to have an entire bowel resection. So I would have two bags on my waist or stomach or what have you, and they would be removing my entire anus actually.

Because I was over-radiated, I was reading about it, and due to that they wouldn’t have been able to stitch me up properly, or it would be very questionable. So I knew that I would have issues for the rest of my life, however long that would be, sitting down or doing anything that involved moving my legs. And I like to exercise, and speed walk, and I’m very active, and it was devastating for me. I’m also a thin, well-dressed woman, you know, and that didn’t sit well with me either. I was a fashion designer all my life.

Looking into Alternatives

So I started looking into other avenues and my friend Don Engle who had a lymphoma…I knew him when he was doing that process and I learned from him, way back when, how he did his and how easy it actually was. Because Don’s not a precise precision guy when it comes to food and all that. I remember him eating candy bars and all kinds of crap. He was a dear friend and was also the attorney for my company and so I knew him quite well.

And when he cured himself I thought wow this is just really fabulous, that he didn’t rely on the fear that the hospitals wanted to put him under. So he went and he took it into his own hands. He kept hearing cesium and he started taking cesium along with a few other small things. And he changed his diet slightly. No more candy bars and he ate blueberries instead.

Making Changes

I called him and he basically refreshed my memory on everything that he did and so I purchased my first round of cesium and potassium and I started studying – even though I was healthy anyways – I started studying foods that can keep you alkaline, and foods that are basically healthy that cancers don’t like. And changed my life basically.

So meanwhile, the hospital that I was going to—the cancer center here in Detroit—was preparing me for all the surgery and all that. And I started immediately, upon knowing what I had, on the cesium and potassium and changing my diet.

Faith vs. Fear

And along with that I relied on my spirituality to keep me sane through all of this and to take away the fear. I had mantras up all over the place. One of them is still up on my computer right now and it says “I declare victory”. In other words I wasn’t going to let the fear of the devil put weight on me. I was going to rely on the Lord and that’s what I did. And I turned it over to Him. I said “Guide me. Tell me what you want me to do”. I said “Whatever you choose for me may not be what I choose, but if you choose it for me then it’s got to be the right thing”.

Biopsies and Follow-up Appointment

So I went in for another round of biopsies that the doctors wanted to do prior to doing a resection. This was 6 weeks after I was diagnosed. So we were going on up to 2 months now with me on cesium.

And so I had a doctor’s appointment downtown with this cancer center and I ended up in the building adjacent, because there’s multiple hospitals there and they share surgery rooms, they share whatever. And I was put in with a fabulous doctor named Dr. Weaver. But I didn’t know it was going to be Dr. Weaver. I didn’t know why I was in another building or why I was going over there.

Did Anyone Tell You…?

And I was sitting in the waiting room and I brought my dearest two friends who would hold me to the fire of my spirituality: my trust, my belief, no fear, all of that.

And I was sitting on the doctor’s table and he walks in and he was a very angelic-looking man, with kind of silver hair, soft spoken. And told me to tell him my story. Well I thought that was strange. I would have thought that he would have already known my story.

So I proceeded to tell my story just like I told you. And he started to smile. And I looked at him and I said “What’s so funny?” And he said “No, it’s not funny” he says. “But I’m just curious. Did anyone ever tell you that your biopsies were negative?”

Larry: Wow.

Negative Biopsies

That’s exactly what happened. So the cancer center didn’t want to tell me my biopsies were negative because they knew I was taking cesium. Now the normal person can’t go in and tell them they are taking something else because they won’t treat you. They won’t draw your blood. They won’t do your testing. They won’t do anything. They don’t want any part of it. But me, I could tell them because my husband sat on the board of this cancer center for many, many, many years.

Visual Proof

So here I am, sitting in an office with a strange doctor, and he is telling me…and he showed me, why my biopsies were negative. He showed me the screen. And the interesting part is is the difference between what the tumor looked like.

Before my tumor looked like a almost like a almost like a little shallow bubble alive like I could have popped it possibly. It was kind of growing upward and it had life. And then when he showed me this one. It looked as if the desert had dried up, and it looked as though you had a piece of bubble gum in your hand two hands, and you were pulling it. And all of the sudden the holes develop in the bubble gum as you’re pulling the bubblegum apart.

So I looked at it and I thought “Wow, that’s really cool”. I don’t remember you know mine looking like that.

Spiritual Man

So I said to him, when he told that me my biopsies were negative, I immediately looked up, and I looked over at his face and I said “Are you a spiritual man?” And he said “I am very much so”. And I said “Okay, now I know how I got here…this path. You were going to be the one that was telling me the truth that my biopsies came back negative”. They didn’t even tell me for three weeks! They let me as a patient suffer that fear, that pain right?

So I told him, I said, you know, I’ve been taking cesium every day and I’ve changed my diet drastically. I engage in my mantras. I refuse to let fear in. I hung up on fear every time I could. I would pretend like I was slamming the phone down or pushing the delete button on my computer. I actually enacted it. And I told the Lord I said, “When I’m asking you to guide me where you want me to go and what you want me to do, I mean that with all my heart and whatever the outcome I will accept knowing that you’re in the midst of it and that it’s got to be perfect for me”. And that’s the attitude I took.

A Blessing and a Bond

This man, doctor, gave me a hug and he calls my up and gives me blessings. He says “Bless you” every time. Now doctors don’t typically do that. He had me come back in multiple times for checkups for various things to see what’s going on and all that. Every single time he loved seeing me and I loved seeing him. And there’s this bond there and I think he finds it very interesting how this whole thing took place.

A Gift

So to this day, I mean it’s been awhile now. let’s see I can’t even remember what year. I guess I should have looked that up before I started speaking with you guys, but it’s been…I’m gonna say it’s been gonna say at least six years.

I go into checkups every year with Dr. Weaver, He is my guy. Even though he is semi-retired he always takes the time to see me. I get put under for any examination and he goes and he does them himself. Now this guy’s way up there in stature and he still will do my colonoscopy and then a gynecologist sits there at the same time, because remember I was over-radiated, so I have issues down there from that. And they do that and they do it as a team every time.

And they wait until I wake up and then they tell me how…tell me how beautiful the skin looks inside…

Larry: Wow

…from everything I’ve been doing. So, it’s really a gift.

Larry: Yes it is. It definitely is.

Sharing Success

So I share my story with other people, and I don’t know they find out, but I get calls all the time people wanting help. And it’s a little risky because a lot of people don’t know how to help themselves. They want to stay in the fear mode. I have to teach them that too.

Larry: Yeah, a lot of people want you to do it for them. They don’t want to put the effort themselves.

That’s true.

Giving Back

So I’ve started a library of what I do with food. I research almost four hours every day. I’ve slowed down a little bit because I’ve moved and I’m in the middle of a move. I research all kinds of things and you’d be surprised at what you can cure before you even get it, by just taking a few things like tumeric and curcumin and a little golf ball size of ginger everyday in a smoothie with various other things like cesium of course and potassium. All of that.

So I type it out and when I get calls, I blast them out with gobs of material. And then I meet with them. They print it out and then I meet with them, and go through the material and say this is what you need to do. Some people don’t do it. Some people come so late and they are already so sick they die a week later. Some people…It just varies. I suggest to anyone out there to be proactive in your life. I don’t mean fear cancer. I mean stand tall and take victory before it even happens.

Larry: Right

And stop smoking. And stop drinking soft drinks. All the simple stuff. And then start doing XYZ. That’s what I recommend to people. And I stand by them. If I have to hold their hand while they go in for a biopsy, or they go in for a test or something, because some want to combine the treatment, I go in with them. I give back because the Lord gave to me.

Larry: Well that’s wonderful.

And you’re part of that.

Helping People Help Themselves

Larry: Well, I’m thankful that got yourself well. That’s what I’m here for to help people help themselves. And it’s a blessing to me when they actually gain their health back the way it was meant to be. So I’m thankful that you healed yourself. You know. I’m really thankful.

Well thank-you. Thank-you for that. That means a lot. Because there are so many people out there where they go the route of taking down their body. Taking it down with chemo and radiation just like I did the first time.

Larry: Yup.

Another Way

And I could have cured the squamous cell in various ways. There’s a cream out there, called BEC Curator…Curator BEC5, that kills basal cell and squamous cell and all that. So you can combine that with taking cesium and nail it from all angles. There’s just so many ways to do it. You don’t have to have cancer cut out of your body necessarily. I’m not telling people what to do. I’m just telling you what I did.

Larry: Exactly.

And all of it was a gift. And I’m turning around to be a gift for as many people that want the gift. I share it. I do. And I will never stop sharing it.

Larry: There you go. Well I appreciate you, Patti. I really do. I want to thank you for sharing this with everybody and I hope it helps.

Thank-you. I appreciate being able to share it. Thank-you so much.

Listen Here: Anal Cancer Survivor – Patti’s Story

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